Tooba – unique charity platform
Our app has gained the trust of our users and has become an effective way to do good things for the benefit of society through the course of the year of its existence.
Here, collectively, we give hope for a better future for people who need our support.
We began work on the creation of Tooba by keeping in mind one main principle – reliability.

It is worth to admit that impersonation and fraud gave rise to an “epidemic” of skepticism about a charitable project in society. Fraudsters are always where there is money, and they do not hesitate to encroach on funds which save lives. This distrust affects people who find themselves in a difficult life situation – a help from good people does not reach them.

Our platform contains only authoritative charitable foundations. Every separate fund-raising begins only after a thorough multi-step verification, results of which are indicated in the feed.

One evening I read messages in the WhatsApp group which was asked for help. I think everyone saw the urgent fundraising announcement at least once. I always wanted to help those who really need help, but was afraid to face fraudsters. That evening I thought that it would be great if there was a platform where would be only 100% verified requests for help. A service with which you know for sure that the money sent will reach the addressee.

Ramazan Medzhidov, Founder and CEO of Tooba
Be among those making the world a better place
It is unlikely that there is a more pleasant feeling than satisfaction from doing good things. Tooba gives you the opportunity to do good things with a smartphone in your hand. As people who work on this matter for a while, we assure you: only the good, done by human, remains so that human flourishes!
«It is a piece of good advice to everyone who wants to help people in need, because there not many people in the world but VERY many. Please believe me, Tooba is the best charitable platform which is very convenient, you may check it out by yourselves make sure that my words are true»

Khabib Nurmagomedov

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The Tooba app is beautiful
in its simplicity
Two-click transfers simplify the donation process and make it available to everyone

Do good thing without any doubt - all the necessary information about the fund-raising is always easily accessible
You may use any credit card. All donations are saved in your history

Keep up in current events – track the selected projects and get reports on them
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Move from words to actions, download Tooba and become a part of our mission!
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« – The most important thing I know: everyone has a sense of good. It is innate, and everyone needs to satisfy it. Even the evil one – he is kind inside. »

«Funds that connect to us also accept payments via Chekout – we are committed to ensuring that Tooba partners work with our strategic partner»

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«Tooba has another indisputable advantage – safety. This is to the question "why the application, and not the site", which is likely to arise in many»

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